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After twenty-two years in the worlds finest Navy, it was time to retire. My wife and I were ready to kick back and take it easy, but the Lord had other plans for us. Soon, our family grew a little, then a little more. With three young sons to raise, I had to take on the roll as Mr. Mom, and stay at home with the boys. With all this new time on my hands, I decided to try my hand at writing. Well, four years and several books later, I am still trying. I am not sure if I would call myself a writer, and you may or may not agree with me. I do hope you enjoy my books, and I welcome your comments. Please, if you have a minute, click the 'contact us' box and drop me a line. Thank you again for stopping by, and happy reading.

Here is the family.  Clock-wise from the top is me, then David, Alexander, Dmitri and my lovely wife, Olga.  With this crew there is never a shortage of things to write about.  If you want to see what I am talking about, check out "My Buddies... Cuddles and Chaos."

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